New Product--60W LED Scan Light

New Product- 60W LED scanning lights

There very popular in a short time supply, it use in stage, disco, dance hall, club.
60W LED scanning light quality, reliable, simple to operate, the effect is rich, stable performance, wide range of applications.

60W LED scanning lamp has the following advantages:
1. LED lamp bead work long hours, the performance has been improved.
2. LED lamp beads, you can always switch, easy to operate.
3. LED long life, you can use a relatively long event.
4. The new increase in a lot of effect, with a great variety of prism, rainbow, strobe effect.
5. The appearance of small, easy to transport and install.
6. The use of switching power supply, suitable for a variety of voltage.
7. 15Channels DMX512 international standard signal control functioning in more detail.