Theater stage lighting design

Theater stage lighting design
audio and lighting

    The first part of the stage lighting design

    A, stage lighting design principles

    The stage lighting system design is to follow the laws and special use requirements of stage art performances to be configured with the aim of a variety of performing arts to reproduce the light of the process required for process equipment, systems engineering, design configuration, the stage lighting system is accurate, the successful for the art exhibition.

    (1) to create the free space of the full stage light cloth, adapt one Cheb light requirements;

    (2) for the system to be able to run continuously, due to increase reserves and room for expansion;

    System anti-interference ability and security as an important design specifications;

    (4) energy efficient cold light of new lamps were introduced in the system design;

    DMX512 digital signal network technology was introduced to all aspects of system design.

    Second, the stage lighting system process design requirements

    A. The system process design and equipment configuration to use functions with comprehensive theater lighting operation of the program a variety of operas, in a short rotation.

    Two. The system is designed to quickly convert from a lighting scheme to another lighting solutions, the conversion time of 2 hours.

    3. The system allows the use of all configurations of various types of lamps and other additional equipment.

    4. The system is designed with adequate security and storage capacity, the entire system without interrupting the main power supply under the premise of ongoing diagnostic tests on the console.

    5 Equipment in the system in full compliance with the technical requirements of the arena background noise, empty field state, all the lighting equipment is turned on noise and outside interference of ambient noise is not higher than NR25 1M effects equipment noise test point not greater than 30dB.

    6. The scalability of the system is deliberately set aside in the beginning of the design of the system, such as silicon-controlled electric power capacity, network capacity, to be in the future sufficient funds or the emergence of new technologies, make the system not because of the lack of design to revise or update of a large area, to achieve savings funds and adapt quickly to changing requirements.

    Third, the stage lighting system design description

    Stage lighting lamps layout of the top light, the district constitute a cloth light array, stage all parts of both cloth points of light, to eliminate the dead zone can be flexible to demand portfolio.

   (1) top-ray system design configuration

    Top light lighting necessary to stage the depth of the performance space, the variety of lamps used in the configuration of the top light, which greatly improve the light transmittance, light transmission rate of 150% than the current domestic mirror, shading leaf design beautiful novel, four set a reasonable, good shading effect can be used for the stage top-ray light cloth or dyed.

    A. Configure the lamps distributed as follows:

    Above the stage, a total of 20 dome boom.

    Road, top light, respectively, with a different number of lamps: PD-JG150 1KW thread spotlight 24 (with color changer), 40 PD-JG1501KW plano convex spotlight (with color changer) PD-for P64 (with color changer ) spotlights 40 PH750-26 (750W) to 64 (with color change) and (DJD) LD1000R Television stage soft light 36 and Choi Yi 2KW computer, head light 16.

    B. Lighting arrangement and projection methods:

    The first top light and side light phase convergence lighting starring convergence attention to the height of the characters, the top light in the first position as a sentinel light and placement of special effects lighting, and select the part of the light to enhance the lighting of the performance area fulcrum; second to to the stage for the tenth channel direct investment can also be vertical downward projection can enhance the lighting of the stage character modeling and scene space. Front and rear light phase of convergence, so that the stage performance area to obtain a more uniform color and brightness.

    (2) design configuration of the scanner

    Intelligent lighting is the inevitable trend of the 21st century stage lighting, stage lighting design configuration of the 16 computer lights head light in order to meet various performance lighting needs.

    Computer lights arranged on the stage over the top of light poles, DMX signal control console connected to the computer through the network contacts can be arbitrarily adjusted the lighting projection angle, brightness, change patterns, beam size, color and other functions to ensure that meet performance right computer lights change requirements.

    (3) light color changer design configuration

    Installed on the part of the lighting, color changer, its role in the stage light, dyeing, color change, to foil the plot, to colorful effect.

    The color change configuration:

    Selected 136 WD-512-08A series of computers in color picker.

    Stage lighting control device configuration

    (1) lighting console

    Lighting console choice of England "Strand," 300 series 125 type optical computer lighting console, this lighting console to use quality assurance Genius Pro operating software, which supports small and medium-sized console presets or to tracking mode operation. The computer light control is another standard features of the Strand 300 series console, it is smart mouse tracking ball.

    With 80 years of production, manufacturing, sales and design experience in global companies, their products reliable and advanced nature of confidence for our choices and the use of the owners.

    (2) The dimmer cabinet

    The dimmer cabinet is selected British "Strand," CD80-A digital dimmer cabinet.

    Digital silicon cabinet is the dimming of high-power load carrier, is also the core of the dimming system hardware. CD80-A silicon cabinet is a digital decoder trigger control technology, with high control accuracy, high-performance dimmer. DMX input interface uses optical isolation technology, high-precision, high-speed digital trigger system (1-100% dimming range dimming curve 10, the accuracy of dimming, 1024). Strong anti-jamming and simple debugging system from the environmental impact of temperature, voltage and other system without debugging can reach the national standard one machine to the provisions of the consistency of the output voltage indicators, does not require the points of light, the consistency maintenance adjustments . The system uses a programmable LSI ISP-line system, hardware reliability has improved, "watchdog" and fault-tolerant software, even if subject to strong interference of the outside power grid and transmission lines, distribution system can automatically detect, dispensed electric voltage fluctuations can automatically correct trigger the conduction angle, inhibition of the lights flashing, to ensure the normal work. Silicon cabinet with dimming Taiwan is optically isolated transmission signal, to avoid leakage, static, and other causes of accidents led to the accident burned the dimming Taiwan. Silicon cabinet with dimming memories last function, once the main and secondary control have failed to ensure normal performance. Nine warm-up value can be set to extend lamp life and curing machine 10 dimming curve fully meet the need of a variety of performances. There are two inputs, can receive both digital and analog console signal. Each power unit has a direct switch, and the power unit can be in any case any swap requirements to provide a guarantee to ensure the studio in variety shows, theatrical performances show live performances, photography, broadcast, program recording, and application of computer lights, laser effect, color lights, color changers and other equipment to provide adequate compatibility effect and expansion capabilities to fully meet the needs of a variety of performances.

    The second part of the stage lighting system electrical design

    A. Lighting system power configuration

    Set the 96 all-digital dimmer cabinets, 6KW 192 Road.

    Operation of electrical equipment of the lighting system security settings

    A. Reasonable configuration output

    Each dimmer, direct output from a 32A socket with the same length of three conductors per outlet stranded output.

    Two. A good grounding

    For eliminate SCR interference, so that the sound and video equipment to meet the use requirements in the design of lighting systems to choose the more reasonable and practical grounding system. PA system and lighting system has a separate ground lines, the use of shared pole grounding resistance 1. Power cables and light lines are all installed in a metal trough, metal trough with a good grounding device.

    3. Electric shock protection

    Most of the socket of the light distribution lines received a stage lighting should be installed according to conventional practices outlet circuit for low voltage distribution system leakage protection for indirect contact protection likely to malfunction due to leakage switch, a direct impact on the reliability of the system of stage lighting, Therefore, we take the PE line and related circuit line with the wiring. To reduce the zero sequence impedance, and guarantee in the event of a single-phase ground fault protection device, can be reliably protect the personal safety.

    4. Lightning

    Arrester, installed in the substation low voltage bus dimming lighting distribution cabinet to install a surge protector to prevent the Cultural Arts Center stage or near the building being struck by lightning due to electromagnetic induction, electrostatic induction over current, over voltage, damage to the tune light cabinet and lighting control computer system, computing system security guarantee dimmer cabinets and lighting control.

    Third, the lighting system of electrical cables and lines laying set

    A. Silicon cabinet room to all the output wires of the outlet by the three lines the same length, stranded output. Lamp cord and audio and video signal lines away from each other, must meet the 90 cross left 0.5M distances; can not be avoided must be parallel, the spacing is set to greater than 1M.

    Two. All signal cables are made of five core shielded cable to prevent interference.

    3. With a separate ground lines, power cables and light line should be installed in a metal trough, metal trough should be grounded.

    4. Between the strength of electrical outlet box with a metal partition separated to avoid interference of strong electricity to weak to ensure the security of the weak system.

    5 Low smoke (LSF), flame retardant PVC-based copper cable, the cable should be long-term work in the environment of 90 , under normal use conditions, the life should be more than 30 years.

    6. The outlet box selected in line with GB production of advanced products, inserted inside the metal partition between the weak separated, and ensure safety, electromagnetic compatibility.

    7. Cable tray using the thermal cables for fire detection, prevention cable fire.

    8. Tray or trunking stamped, and do the fire handle. Models of power and control cables, voltage, current carrying capacity, cross section, number of cores, at the jacket, etc. shall meet the circuit type, transmission type, the use of the environment and laying the requirements and comply with the relevant specifications.

    9. The moving parts of the control and power cables to meet the fire safety requirements of the soft cable. Cable laying shall comply with the requirements of GB50258-96 "installation of electrical installations 1KV and wiring engineering construction inspection and acceptance of norms".

    10. Cable laying should reduce the electromagnetic interference to a minimum. When using the cable hose, the length can not exceed 1 m. Power or control lines used for hanging or drooping of the soft cable should have a stress release center wire, the ends should be clamped to release the stress of the wire.

    11. Power or control circuit used in multi-core and wire shielded cable is easy to identify by number the less than 25 core cable color code, cable laying in the form or order to identify the number of cable cores.

    12. The same number of each power and control cable at both ends of the cable, and marked with a unique number permanently marked. The cable number is in the wiring diagram.

    13. Wire should have a sufficient length of cable to meet the requirements of the relevant equipment of the total trip, including the maintenance position required travel. All cable entry devices into the cable connector, in order to change the cable, should be the volume of the remaining exchange cable in cable tray or on the device, and firmly fixed.

    14. The boxes should be installed perpendicular to the wall alignment, vertical deviation is not greater than 2mm, arranged in neat rows of inlet and outlet box, and leave an appropriate margin. Pipe threading loop voltage DC wire shall not penetrate the inside with a pipe, wire pipe shall not have joints and distorted, the wires through the tubes, fitted jacket to protect the wire at the exit. Before the laying of the cable, carefully check the cable mechanical losses and insulation shake test. Installation of power and lighting distribution box, its quality standards in line with the national electrical construction specifications. Floor power distribution box securely on the basis of angle or channel, screws, and do a good job of grounding. Inlet and outlet pipe in the base about 10 cm above the surface of the basis. Installation position size to see the drawings, the latter does not open the access door of the wall installation. The installation of the floor type power distribution box verticality of 1.5 mm per meter, plate joints between 2 mm. General lighting box for wall installation, this project is to take the prescribed dark two kinds of installation. Concealed wall-mounted distribution box in the walls when installed directly in the walls, the holes can also be reserved on the wall and then installed. Installation of a solid, well grounded, the installation level is the size consistent with design requirements, the bottom margin the ground 1.5M, lighting distribution box vertical deviation is less than 3MM, pipe line and out of the distribution box distribution box and pipe cap and locking nut. Install the power distribution box, cover the surface and paint the layer level, and out of the box Concealed pipeline.

    Four, lighting, electrical equipment cabinet set

    A. Structure

    Cabinets and racks of electrical equipment are dealt with through the anti-embroidered metal and steel production, steel or steel cabinet to strengthen when necessary. Electrical equipment cabinet dust and moisture measures. In addition to well-ventilated place and cable import and export, all the cabinets and racks are all closed. The depth of each cabinet to ensure the proper equipment and wiring space. Each particular group of cabinet depth, height and color are the same.

    Two. Ventilation

    All electrical components or devices can be used in the environment of housing within and provisions under continuous operation. Cabinet equipped with the appropriate natural by. Dispersed equipment generates heat through the mouth using a fine mesh or foam grille protection, to prevent debris to enter. The shell should be pressurized to seal leakage air intake needs.

    3. Cable inlet and outlet

    The cable hole in the factory to the desired location set aside; and has a removable plate for final processing at the scene. The cable inlet and outlet to consider the foreign economic relations of the cable laying methods and adequate bend radius and cable fixtures.

    4. Cabinet doors and access panels

    Sufficient rigidity, doors and panels removable maintenance doors and panel design, panel equipped with a dust seal. All shell and panels are completely clear of grease and rust coating drying paint.

    5 Logo

    Parts of the equipment cabinet signs should also be permanent signs, or temporary paste the logo or pen identification mark. Nameplate and logo size is large enough, a distance of 2 meters under normal light to look at the nameplate and logo files.

    6. Information kits

    Inside the main door of each cabinet enclosures to hang a bag, used to mount various electrical components of this electrical equipment cabinet or device samples, wiring, repair and maintenance and other data or drawings.

    , Silicon cabinet room design and construction requirements

    A. Design requirements

    (1) Due to the SCR work will be distributed a lot of heat, in order to ensure the normal work of the silicon, the silicon room must be equipped with individual air-conditioning systems and ventilation equipment.

    (2) placement of the SCR power supply cabinet and the field lights cabinet underneath with the No. 10 channel base.

    (3) silicon-room anti-static floor height of 300mm.

    (4) distribution of dimming interior floor loading requirements per square meter of 800Kg.

    (5) cable tray through floor wall at the stay in the hole size to see the construction drawings.

    (6) all holes required in the cable tray laying refractories for fire blocking.