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[Download] [SUNIN Stage Lighting Catalog]
  Time 2011-11-25
  SUNIN Stage Lighting Catalog products leads: LED lighting,moving head spot light,outdoor lighting,scanner light,lighting controller,laser light,follow spot light,stage effect light,stage effect machine,strobe light,led display wall,stage equipments,sounder Stage lighting, stage moving head light, stage lighting and sound, speaker equipment, LED lights, lamps, LED P Light, P64 lamps, bulbs, fog machine, bubble machine, flame machine, stage hand stand, stage effect light, light patterns , light hook, glass balls, smoke oil, bubble oil, fire-breathing oil, private dining room lights, school construction program light. conference room lights. the stars of laser lights, LED scanner lights, track lights. wedding lights. Performing Arts activities lamps, control units, lighting console. silicon box. Salyut machine. column smoke. back to light, spotlight, world ranked light. trichromatic lamps, LED stage light, LED moving head light. Stage Laser Light, Disco Light, Stage Light, Dj Laser Light, Laser Show System, Laser Light, Dj Light, Laser Projector China Led Light Factory, Led Lighting, Led Lamp, Rgb Led, Smd Led, Led Spot Light, Led Wall Washer Light, Led Stage Lamp Stage Light, Dj Light, Disco Light, Spot Light, Laser Light, Moving Head, Moving Head Light, 575w Moving Head, Effect Light Stage Lighting, Led Light, Led Wall Washer, Led Flexible Strip, Led Bulbs, Led Fluorescent Light, Led Street Light, Led Moving Head, Led Par64 Stage Lights, Moving Head, Led Stage Lights, Dmx Dimmer Pack, Dmx Console, Fog Machine,laser light stock,stage lighting stock,stage disco effect moving head light,led dance floor,stage lighting,stage equipment,led lighting,disco light,dj light,led wall washer,outdoor light,search light,laser light,lighting controller,stage effect light/machine,follow spot light,strobe lighting,led display wall,
[Download] [Bar lighting design]
  Time 2012-1-6
  Bar lighting design--- Atmosphere using lighting effects, contrast the idea of ​​musical expression, to create a US-Hwan Meilun-site effects. Use the computer shaking his head lights, moving head wash light, laser light is divided into a number of different combinations of levels of installation, constitute three-dimensional lighting effect. Pattern changes will enhance the beauty, passion for color change caused by people, people left an unforgettable memory.
[Download] [Stage lighting control techniques]
  Time 2012-1-9
  Theater stage, a variety of stage, ordinary proscenium stage, a stage out of style, there are island-style stage, also known as black box stage, because the form of different stage, so the lighting configuration requirements are not the same. For convenience I here talk about an ordinary proscenium stage, this stage both in the past or is now converted and new theater than more, so to talk about this stage is in dire need of more lighting configuration and necessary stage ( refers to the proscenium stage, the later are the same) because of the different plays performed on the lighting requirements will be different. Equipped with lights so we must be clear before the stage to perform in what plays primarily, this configuration will have a clearer light objectives and intentions. If positioned on the stage to perform a traditional opera, ballet-based, then the lighting of the configuration must be opera, ballet requirements to configure. As in the large-scale song and dance, and other special programs based hy
[Download] [Stage Lighting Design (Light in Theatre)]
  Time 2010-8-27
  Theater stage, there are a variety of stage, there is general theatrical, with extended-style stage, with island-style stage, also known as the black box of the stage, because the form of different stage, so lamps are not the same configuration requirements. For convenience I am here to only talk about an ordinary theatrical, this stage both in the past or is now building and upgrading more than theater, so to talk about the configuration of this stage is more lighting is a great need and necessary.
[Download] [60W LED Scan Light manual]
  Time 2012-8-15
  60W LED Scan Light manual
[Download] [Bar Design Effect Pictures]
  Time 2012-1-14
  Bar Design Effect Pictures---Lighting Design,Stage lighting design effect pictures
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